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Aspen's Best Cocktail Bars

Aspen is a scenic and relaxing town tucked away in the mountains of Colorado. Many people travel worldwide to hit the slopes in the winter and enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, in the summer.


But did you know that Aspen is also home to some of Colorado’s most famous cocktail bars? Whether you prefer a romantic atmosphere or a more relaxed setting, there is a cocktail bar for every traveler, making Aspen the perfect place to spend an evening out on the town. Here are four of our favorite cocktail bars in Aspen.




One of the trendiest cocktail bars in Aspen is Ponyboy. This warm-lit cocktail bar has disco decor, velvet couches, and an entertaining vibe. It is a perfect environment for dancing the night away. You can cozy up at the bar for a handcrafted cocktail or spend the night enjoying the live DJ. Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.


Regarding cocktails, the bartenders at Ponyboy know what they are doing! Try the “Don't Worry Baby,” which features Bombay Sapphire gin, lillet blanc, jasmine, creme de peche, lime & basil.


They also serve a food menu that showcases light bites, such as Scallop Rambutan Ceviche and Cochinita Pibil Bao Buns.


Ponyboy, W Aspen Hotel

Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar


If you are looking for Aspen’s favorite hidden cocktail bar, you are in luck; just head over to Hooch! This craft cocktail bar can be hard to find at first, but as soon as you make your way down the stairs, you will know you have arrived.


Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar has a rustic vibe, with gorgeous chandeliers, old-school photographs, and plenty of living room couches to enjoy.  It is no wonder why their slogan is “Like your living room, only more fun.”


The bespoke cocktails at Hooch are creative and delicious. You must order the Winter in Normandy if you are a Bourbon fan.  This cocktail has Woody Creek Bourbon, Amaro Montenegro, calvados syrup, lemon, egg white, and bitters. They also have a small menu of accompaniments and a list of rare spirits, wine, and beer. Cheers to that!

Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar

Bad Harriet


Located in the famous Hotel Jerome is a cocktail bar you have to visit, Bad Harriet. The cocktail bar celebrates strong women throughout history, and its menu reflects that. You can enjoy a cocktail at their bar or participate in one of their advanced experiences.


If you are just coming for a cocktail, try the D Lady, a cocktail named after Princess Diana. It has empress gin, elderflower, English breakfast, lemon, and egg white.


If you are up for a more extended experience, book The Soiree. Their skilled bartenders handcraft this multi-course advanced display of cocktails. It lets you spend your evening trying and tasting small bites and cocktail favorites at the one and only Bad Harriet.

Bad Harriet, Hotel Jerome


J-Bar is also located in Hotel Jerome, another top-rated cocktail bar in Aspen. This cocktail bar has a more casual vibe and has plenty of bar and high-top seating. The decor resembles the Old West during the 19th century, and its comfortable atmosphere is just one of the reasons to visit J-Bar.


It is one of the most social places in Aspen and is busy all year round, so make sure to get a spot early. Their cocktails are vintage-inspired, and many of their whiskey drinks display that. The Law Dog is a favorite, featuring Law’s bonded rye, grapefruit, lemon, and honey.


Oh, and did we mention they are home to Aspen’s best burger? So be sure to grab one during your visit!

J-Bar, Hotel Jerome

Aspen has so many chic and lively cocktail bars for you to visit. Whether you want to keep it casual or get dressed up for a fancy evening out, Aspen has a cocktail bar for every guest. It's the best way to kick off your Colorado mountain trip as soon as the wheels touch down.



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